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What Kinda Name is Blart?

by Dominic Cosme
Narrated by Blart's new neighbor/best buddy, Teddy, the series is written in a classical style that is appealing to readers of all ages. Each of the 22 chapters are illustrated in a way that is both funny, and meaningful. This series offers both an excellent reading experience, and compelling illustrations. At the same time, sending a message of acceptance, love, and compassion to kids far and wide. Illustrations by: Stephanie Will

Here are some facts about the book

7-12 Age Range
22 Chapters
22 Illustrations
3-4 Chapter Length (pages)
740-940 Lexile Number
3.5 hour read

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About the Featured author


A child at heart, Dominic Cosme has found a special enjoyment for writing children's literature. Living in Denton, Texas with his wife and three children, he is never short on inspiration.

Outside of his passion for writing, he loves music, skateboarding, and playing with his kids.

The release of the first book Chewing Problems in his series What Kinda Name is Blart? will be released on Novenber 6, 2017.